Model: (Click to see more) 58009: Toyota Celica LB Turbo
Status: Restored
Date: 4-Feb-2014
Comments: 4
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Finished restoring this one. The car is 30+ years old. The tires and wheels were gone on this one so i replaced them with some new ones. Also the front bumper was missing so i used an old F1 bumper until i get a cs abs one. The plan was to give it a new paint job and new decals but i decided to leave it, i do like the fact that this 30+ year old car has a story to tell and i can always change my mind in the future...
Ty for looking, Cheers Bram

PS also looking for a driver...

new parts used new parts used




Very nice..I've been looking about one of these for awhile…Really like the looks of this model.



That is so cool , a very nice job done there .You don't see many of these in this condition - into my fav's

Basket Case


Very cool resto. I like the fact that resto projects like yours have often been through a lot. A new paint job and some fresh decals would just be the next page in its history. Good work!!

sand scorcher-mk1


Very nice. Mine is a bit further away from this state....Need a front bumper, mirrors right headlamp and a rear spoi;er.....

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