Model: (Click to see more) 58028: Toyota 4x4 Pick Up
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Feb-2014
Comments: 8
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I have discovered the joy of restoring Tamiya's greatest hits. After warming up with a Wild Willy M38, I decided to tackle the King of Vintage Tamiya.

I built this as a potential runner, so the axles and gearbox were fitted with all the bearings you can change without machining. The gearbox also received custom gaskets to remove the need to use silicon sealing and brass replacement pinion gears so you can use any motor you want.

With new hex-head steel screws and nuts, new rubber gaskets and seals all round, hop-up shocks, a perfect radio-box and a fantastic body on top, this is an absolutely gorgeous machine.

At the moment she is fitted with RC4WD tires which have exactly the same diameter as Blazing Blazer ones and it also has leaf-springs from the Hi-lift, both of which give some much needed articulation. I do have the original ones so can always easily convert to shelf-queen look.

I have all the final bits for the chassis to get it running but need to get an interior and window.

No idea what colour to paint it so will enjoy the primer look for a while.




Looking good nj, I'm just finishing of my first hilux and I agree they are an awesome truck keep up the good work!!!



Just a thought, the RC4WD soft and super soft spring are a vast improvement on the Hilift ones. Just a thought as I don't know how far of a runner you want to go. These are amazing machines (I have a bruiser) and I can imagine how much fun it will be.



Sweet project! would love to fine one of these. Restorations are great fun!



Top work. Looking forward to seeing this finished



nice work! can't wait till you finish it!

Grumpy pants


Right up my street. Looks good already and it will make a much better runner with those mods you have put into place.



Looks great! I always thought those tires would do the job. I think there is a cheaper version of those tires available in Asia.



Looking great Noel - fab job so far

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