Model: (Click to see more) 58004: XR311
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Mar-2014
Comments: 8
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To me this is in many ways the first 'important' Tamiya model. Due to the fact that this is the first off-road model they made. I must admit the Porsche 934 don't interest me much, even it it's the very first Tamiya RC car kit.

This is the NIB kit from 1977 - meaning it's 37(!) years old!

Actually I bought this by accident. I was after the re-release from 2001 (which they are doing a second batch of now in 2014). But I ended up with this original in stead. I also have a re-re NIB which I will build.

I bought it in 2007 and I don't recall the price. But it was around the same as I paid for the re-re actually, so around USD 250.

The condition is not perfect. The box is quite worn, and inside there is some tear. Also some of the blister packs have been cut open by a knife, then taped back together. I guess the first owner changed his mind as to building it :-)

Most likely this will be my only NIB kit. I prefer to build and race. Secondly have some shelf queens.

Thx for looking!

Amazing scale looks on this thing! Nice box with blitster packs as always from Tamiya On the back of the manual :-)


mr alan


Nice one!



Wow!!!! nice buy! You are right about this model mate its the first off road that Tamiya made! so that makes it very iconic and as you put it 'important'
the start of it all!
I have a XR311 too but with a twist! it has a sun roof!

[Click here]

Just love looking at it! its such a class act is the XR311!
I have not got the guts to drive it though! those torsion bars seem very fragile!! it will stay safe on the shelf!!

Great to see an XR311 on the TC again!

ENJOY this great kit buddy.



These are the models that got us all hooked - so should be close to our hearts. I've never seen on in person but one day hopefully I'll add one to my collection. Great find -Enjoy.



That's FANTASTIC. You're a lucky TCer. And yeah, it's the 1st offroader.

tuff bug


They dont come much more detailed than these and they break really easy



Sweeet! One of my ultimate faves, NIB so rare these days. Love it.



wonder if that's my old one, I bought an original kit like this off Tamiya Club a few years ago. However the seller removed the motor and I was not best pleased. After a discussion the motor was posted separately but the blister was split so I used some sticky back plastic to seal it back up. I sold it on via ebay I think and it went to somewhere in Europe but cant remember where ? Be good if it's back in TC owners hands...



LOL! Zakspeed, I'm sure that's you then! You live in the UK right? It's enjoying life in Norway now

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