Model: (Click to see more) 56301: King Hauler
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Mar-2014
Comments: 3
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This was my 2nd truck in my fleet I traded for this truck back in 04' in a bad trade same old story I was shown pics and when it showed up that was not what was in the picks and since the guy dropped off the face of the earth after that I was stuck with it.. So I started on the restore in 05 and once again changed it again in 08 and then again to its final stage in 2011 so now I am very happy with it and only plan on adding to it not changing it in any major way..

Everything is custom but the axles. The body is a true Peterbilt sleeper,cab and fenders now with custom auto paint on it and the frame work. Custom frame and drive line tranny has a 55 turn with a 6 tooth pnion using as hiteck 645 servos for steering and shifting. Wheels/tanks/air cleaners and front bumper came from IHB Customs the rear T bar steps and visor came from True Scale R/C and the stacks from Snochaser Fat Stacks.. Also it is running RC4WD tires and scale drive shafts. The frame box steps are cut down stock steps. The head lights are F350 roll bar lights and it is running a MFU and extra lights..

Comments and questions welcome..Please check out my other semis and Rc's.

1 1 1 1 -after its over haul in 05 -After its 2nd over haul in 08




Never thougt metallic green would work but it is sweet!

Tamiya Cowboy


Thank you very much Dirt the color is even better in person..



Great color! Reminds me of the fantastic semi from the ''Movin' On'' series from the 70's.

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