Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 5-Apr-2014
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New built Sand Scorcher painted in haze grey with clear coating and wheel covers from Pargustore. Bumpers front and rear comes from rc4wd. Interior is Tamiya 54491 RC Rally Car Cockpit Set. Exhaust and stinger is painted aluminum and weathering red, blue and black. The window net comes from a high voltage splice kit. This is a copper net for splicing of the screen on the cable. Painted flat black. The lists over the side windows and on the side panels are made chrome by use of chrome bare metal foil. I also have one spare body that is painted twice box art. The paint was removed after first try. I was not satisfied with the first try. Second try is ok, but not 100%. Adding also some pictures of that body.



Crash Cramer


That is a great idea on the window net, I have looked for alternatives as well, came up with some artist grid for clay and plaster sculpture, but haven't put it in place just yet, I think it will go on my Rough Rider, when I find where I hid it.

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