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Date: 14-Apr-2014
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I can tell you guys I've tried most of what's out there. If you look at the last pic you can see all my current runners. But I have to say WOW! This car is just something else!

It's blistering fast yet very predictable and easy to drive! BIG BIG improvement for me and hands down the best 1:10 OR car I've ever had. Everthing from the manual, build, construction, tunability and performance is just so well thought out - and it works.

Must say I'm very tempted by the 2WD version. If it's anywhere near the 4WD in speed & driveability it'd be a big improvement as well for me in the 2WD department :-)

I think it's retirement time for the rest of the bunch now...

The shell is a JConcepts Finnisher. It's a bit fragile btw, it cracks quite easily for an off-road shell. Sorry for the dull paint, the reason for plain white is that I mainly practise at night with flooded light - so it's by far the best for visibility. I'll do something fancy for race day... check out my AE B44 McLaren paint job in the link :-)

Cars in the last pic: From top left: Atomic-Carbon Atomized B44, AE B44, Xray XB4. From bottom left: X-Factory X-6, Atomic-Carbon S2, FTW Night Fox XL, Atomic-Carbon Tardis 22

Update 2.9.22: This is now converted to a 2016 spec with shorty LiPo

New Finnisher shell & colors for 2017 1 1 At an evening practise session at my local track 2 Some lead to balance the chassis 100% sideways Some of my runners...

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Max Power


Nice, I would love to sample a Team Xray one day.



it's an Xray! No surprises there mate!



I was just about to ask why all white....but then got to the bit about night light!! Good choice of colour mate

This buggy sounds like its s..t HOT!



Impressive machine but do they have to be so UGLY??!! Amazing collection in the last pic.



I was very much against the cab forward shells when they first came... but it's a 'fungus thing'... it grows on you, and I'm totally OK with it now. AND they drive and jump better!



Some are even good looking - check out this one! [Click here]

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