Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 16-Apr-2014
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Some of you may remember what happened to my last Celica GrB Body which was from my NIB kit. I won't go into all the details again but basically I gave it too my LHS to get a professional paint job and the guy who painted it made a complete mess of it and ruined it :(
At one point I tried to clean it up and it was taking ages especially as these body shells are so fragile. I then searched around a bit for some ideas to speed things up and a few people mentioned using nitro fuel. I thought I would try it out so I used a little and it ended making things worse :( So from that point I gave up and thought I'd have another go in the future and left it at that.

Then about a week ago I spotted this NIB Body Set on ebay and was lucky enough to win it :) It was missing parts H, J and K but that didn't bother me in the least as really I was only after the shell. I'm so happy that I managed to get and now I can finally finish of my new build. This one will definitely not be given to any one else to paint and will be done by myself ;)
Thanks to all for looking!




Make sure you get it right buddy!

Clear head! No beer!

and take your time!!

Crash Cramer


2nd chance for this, great work in finding it.



Oh, that looks really expensive! Good luck on it and take care!



Wasn't cheap Morgi74 but a bit less than what they usually go for as it was missing a few parts but had to be done
Will definitely take great care on it and hopefully the end result will show that.
Cheers buddy!



Cheers James! I don't drink so that's a good start and will definitely be taking my time.
Chris it is a 2nd chance and that is why I have to do it myself this time round
Cheers guys!



Sorry you had to go through so much crap just to complete a project. Nice to hear it all came out in the end.



Cheers johnny4cross! Yes it was a lot of crap I went through but just glad that I managed to get a new replacement and can now finish of my new build

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