Model: (Click to see more) 58076: Vanquish
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Apr-2014
Comments: 8
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Bought this vanquish off ebay. It is really good condition runner with the only scratches to the front and rear bumper, i put New wheels and tyres and it looks really good, a new bumper set would make it a shelf queen

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
My 2nd tamiya i had and the 1st new build




Very cool. These are great buggies, I an mine against my mates rising storm and it was a masacre LOL his car was no competition.



That is a great find! Looks to be in mint condition. I have always loved these, one came up on our local trading site recently which was also a minter and thought I would have a go a bidding on it...... I got blowen out of the water! It was a very popular auction!!



Those Vanquish looking really good. Almost looking better then the Avante or Egress. The Vanquish is on my wish list too.



This was my second Tamiya car after the Boomerang. Nice!

xray mark


Just a quick update... Kontemax, this was my second car after a thundershot!.
I noticed the front spring perches were incorrect and came on the same sprue as the bumpers so i bought them. The car looks like 95% new build now!.

Tamiya Era


i love Vanquish a lot! Sealed NIB is shaking now, whether to build it or not...mmmm



Yey glad you like it Mark! Postage cost me a bloomin fortune in that mmmmassive well padded box Happy it's gone to a good home



Very cool. It's a shame they don't have the metal shocks like on the Avante

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