Model: (Click to see more) 84375: XV-01 Chassis Kit Long Damper
Status: NIB
Date: 9-May-2014
Comments: 4
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I've been curious about the XV-01 since it came out, but found it too expensive for something that needed further hopping up. So I bought this long danper spec one when it came out instead.

It'll get some choice hop-ups like:

54450 aluminium pulley, 54445 carbon reinforced J and 54446 K parts, 54448 reinforced drive belt, and 54515 front universals.

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Been eyeing this one up myself. And agree completely with your choice of hop-ups. Not t all bling, just very useful. You may want to add a slipper to that list. What body will you be putting on it?



I have a plethora of rally bodies, I'll probably use my trusty Evo VI TME body for running but I have a Celica GT-Four body and an ABC Hobby Lancer Evo III to finish as well.



I wonder if the Celica with it's low bonnet will fit on the tall dampers...



Cool chassis, I love running my XV

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