Model: (Click to see more) 84354: FF03 Chassis Kit - Carbon Double Deck
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Jun-2014
Comments: 3
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Great limited addition carbon double deck front wheel drive chassis for the Alfa Romeo 156 body set.
Busy getting all the optional alloy and carbon reinforced plastic parts to grace this project.
Will be built....

【 Born to Race! 】 This chassis pairs the excellent driving feel of FF models with increased cornering control, giving it the potential to race with the best. It utilizes a double deck structure with carbon 2.0mm upper and 2.5mm lower decks for excellent rigidity. The slimline structure optimizes roll characteristics with the battery pack placed on the left and the R/C equipment on the right, and superior stability is provided by the inboard front suspension (using TRF dampers) and rear aluminum bulkhead with aluminum upper mount.

-Tamiya Alfa Romeo 156 bodyset -Gorgeous chassis. -Every hop-up.

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