Model: (Click to see more) 58583: Egress 2013
Status: Project
Date: 15-Jun-2014
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Ever since buying the 'hop up' avante 2001 shell for my egress 2013 i have thought about making a fairly faithful 'rere 2001'.
I think this model should have been called egress 2001 as it has more in common with the egress than the avante in some ways.
I did intend to make the conversion from a brand new kit but after picking up a 2nd new kit i decided to drool over the nib egress goodness a while longer so i fitted the 2001 parts to my lightly used egress runner.
Back in the day if you had a 2001 and fitted every hop up you basically had an egress anyway. I fitted frp front and rear shock towers, the front tower is not correct, i have been told that this is the tower that comes with hi cap dampers but am unsure personally, it is the right length for the black cva dampers. I mounted the shocks using the egress 2013 hardware rather than the brass stepped bushings of the 2001 as i only had one pair of brass bushings.
I have fitted for now the avante lightweight wheels but i intend to attempt to plastikote paint some orange avante wheels white.
I now have the shell ready for paint and will update as soon it's finished, i also need to swap out the bz motor for a sport tuned that the 2001 came with and get some black tyres as in only have spare white super grippers although these may look good. The only other real difference to an original is the fact that this car has ball diffs not the 2001 gear diffs but the ball diffs were considered a hop up i think anyway. My mates building a black special so i may swap diffs to make it correct for both of us anyway if he wants to. The upshot of all this is that i now have some spare egress parts , not brand new like the original plan to use a new kit but the hi caps can be used to hop up another car such as my vanquish or the bits can be sold on to recoup, a bit of the kit cost. I finally now have the full avante family. Hooray!!!
* update,..
Painted the shell today, just need to detail the cockpit and wing and scource proper white avante wheels and proper wig stay as the egress stay is a bit of a funky angle. Came out great


Tamiya Era


SO Glad to see the Avante restoration again! the project and my eyes are wide open for the progress!...



Whose building a black special. I know someone doing a replica lol. I've seen the painted pics and its certainly a stunner

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