Model: (Click to see more) 84270: Avante Black Special
Status: Project
Date: 17-Jun-2014
Comments: 6
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I have just finished painting and detailing an avante black special for rallyebaz to go on his avante 2011
It came out very nice. The main tips for this shell is to use a body reamer to cut holes in any tight curves then you only have to cut up to the hole for a much easier tine.
The 2nd tip is to use liberal amounts of windowlene on the decals and shell when positioning decals, this way you can remove and reapply decals until perfect then just wipe with tissue to squeegee moisture out. Easy!
3rd tip, use tamiya mask tape in the cockpit, run a Biro round the groove around the cockpit, hold shell up to the light and trace the line gently with a brand new blade. This technique works so well i could have got away without the window line decals but applied them anyway.

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Finally built the avante 2011




Awesome, Love this car.



Mark you have the skills to pay the bills. Can I come and pick it up now lol

SRB Bloke


Superb work Mark,!!
Barry you lazy herbert !!



Love it.. So looking forward to building my BS.



It would be an expensive mistake if I did it Steve lol. Also paid Mark for his services

Tamiya Era


Avante Series are always Fantastic!..

Well Done on the body!

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