Model: (Click to see more) 58013: March 782 BMW
Status: Project
Date: 8-Jul-2014
Comments: 7
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Been looking for a while on and off for one of these and a few months ago Ebay came up trumps.
I believe this one was through member SpZero and came complete but very dirty and had the wrong wheels and tyres on the rear but the pics showed potential.
A quick clean and tidy up of the body and swapped the rear wheels and tyres for the correct ones and here it is.
If i ever find a decal set i will strip and re-do the body
Will clean up the chassis at some stage, as you can see came with period radio gear and electrics which was a nice bonus.
Chuffed to have this in the collection and thanks to SpZero i have one i think its my favourite F2.




Very nice example!



Love the BMW F2!!! A beauty and restored even more...



Looks great, are you going to drive it ? I drove my countach cs the other day on very new flat tarmac and it still bounces all over the place !

Crash Cramer


It certainly looks great for its age and I wonder if some heat will get those edge peeling decals settled back down?



Yes that did come from me, glad its gone to a good home. all the best with the resto.



Looks brand new. Great work!!!



Monkeysout, i will try to revive the radio gear and give it a little run at some point and crash crammer that may just work will give it a try.

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