Model: 84122: Lotus Type 79
Status: New built
Date: 24-Jul-2014
Comments: 31
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Hi Gents,

Long time no building RC stuff! My last time building anything RC was back in 2010 LOL~
Well, I got inspired last year when I visited Tamiya shop in Japan, so I thought this time I would focus on the drivers. So, I picked up 4 Tyrrell P34 bodies and 2 Lotus Type 79 and alot of helmets from James. After a year of goofing around and focusing on clear coat the stickers without showing thickness. I also did some custom decals. Here's the result and I hope you like them!

Jody Schekter in Tyrrell P34 Ronnie Peterson in Tyrrell P34 Famous Visor Patrick Depailler in Tyrrell P34 Mario Andretti in Lotus Type 79 Ronnie Peterson in Type 79 Metallic Color Helmet Patrick Depailler in another Tyrrell P34 Patrick Depailler's Helmet with Black Visor Banner Ronnie Peterson's Helmet with the Famous Visor Ronnie Peterson's Metallic Helmet Sans Visor Mario Andretti's Helmet with Red Visor Banner

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