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Status: Restored
Date: 24-Jul-2014
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This scorcher was for parts but when looking through my scorcher stash I found an RCH front end i had forgotten about. It's yellow and black so naturally i painted the parts accordingly. I put the CRP diff. in this scorcher, i like it it's real buttery. Some paddle tires roughly done as I had not anticipated such a mess, I was burning rubber literally, with my dremel. :) Painting is really a waste of time but for me I love doing it and seeing the finished product but then when u use it most of the paint chips off. I like the paint chipped off look i guess. LOL I guess i like the character it develops over time, being all chipped up. The scorcher isn't finished but it looks a whole lot better now and I have a place for this body now. thanks louispou for the body. /SOLD

Thanks for looking./ SOLD

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Good idea, i like this job.

SRB Bloke


Nice work, I like the coloured gearbox
I've made at least 50 of sanded tyres by now and you're right it's very messy. You should try making narrowed padlatraks for the front tyres
Keep those SRB's coming.



Great result!

Team Rawlings


Looks fantastic!



Who wouldn't like a buttery diff? I know I would!



Very nice! wicked looking Scorcher!

Crash Cramer


Call Michael Bay, we found the TRUE Bumblebee, not that Camaro crap.



Thank you for all the comments, i really appreciate them.

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