Model: (Click to see more) 58416: Rising Fighter
Status: NIB
Date: 2-Sep-2014
Comments: 6
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With Rising Fighter's currently the cheapest Tamiya available from retail, i have made a few few purchases for future projects.

At  £47 approx, its cheaper to buy a kit for spares than to buy parts separately!

The appeal of this kit has certainly grown since 2008
, most of this is due to actually running it for a length of time rather than an occasional half hour

UPDATE 01/01/2015
With the start of a new year, it seems sadly that the Rising Fighter has been discontinued!

UPDATE 04/03/2015
Seems to have come back! But for how long?

UPDATE 05/07/2020
Was thinking of building this into a Dash-1 Emperor.......

114 A crash ended up like this! 94




This buggy is like a Hornet reincarnated!!
and looks as much fun!
Simple but effective buggies are great!
or put another way cheap & cheerful fun running is great!
You guys look like you had a blast!



These are great fun, and vastly under rated IMO.



They look like tons of fun

Grumpy pants


Great photo and a good recommendation as well for lots of cheap Tamiya fun.



I forget that the shell is so similar to the Super Hornet. Same chassis too? These look like a ton of fun!



Yes same chassis but body modified slightly with DT01 gearbox and DT02 wheels and tyres

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