Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: NIB
Date: 9-Sep-2014
Comments: 4
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It has been a very long time (10yrs) before I found an SRB NIB that was a) not stupidly priced, b) not in a terrible state, c) available.

As with all good things, this was a piece of luck - the seller happened to be living near somewhere I was passing thorough, and was available. He did not want to ship, so we did a deal that worked for both. He also had a NIB Frog - ouch! That hurt the bank account, although not as much as this. I know the re-re is in the wings - but this is not (and for me never has been) about the money.




Very Nice.....!!!!!

Crash Cramer


Undoubtedly, the re re won't have any of the blister packs, so this one would be a great showpiece to put behind the re re that you buy to build.
I know, easy enough for me to spend your money, but it is pretty much what I would do if I had the chance.



I love the thought that went into the presentation inside the box. That makes these original NIBs so special. I wouldn't be able to resist the build, so I have to avoid the temptation Great buy!



Nice kit....great find!

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