Model: (Click to see more) 58125: Michelin Pilot Cosworth
Status: Project
Date: 2-Oct-2014
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Hi, here is a closer view to the Ford Escort Pilot Coswort chassis.

This car was intended by Tamiya as a rally car* with high ride height and soft dampers. I decided to give it a tarmac set up like a touring car so it has shorter dampers and stiff oil and springs.

This car was a runner and has been used and abused and now is slowly under restoring work.

This chassis has been also a guinea pig for my experimentations. I used it with four wheel drive, rear wheel drive and front wheel drive. Now for the shelf is came back to 4WD.

There are several modifications from original model that, I would like to remember, was the triumph of the plastic fantastic. These are the option parts that I installed to the chassis:

RW Racing carbon chassis plates.

HPI steering linkages with servo saver included.

Tamiya Hard Propeller Shaft.

Nissan Skyline High Speed 66T/69T Spur gears.

All plastic gears.

Lightweight ball differential at rear end.

Front One Way differential.

Universal Joints all around.

Aluminum wheel adapters (not present in pictures).

Full Ball Bearings.

FRP Shock Towers front and rear.

Tamiya Tuned Damper Springs, hard front, soft rear.
Stainless Suspension Shafts all around.

Turnbuckles all around.

Rear arms brace (handmade).

Aluminum motor mount (not present in pictures).

Dyna Run 13T motor (not present in pictures).

Front and rear sway bar (they are handmade because Tamiya hadn't foreseen them for TA01).

The next things I want to do on this chassis is a general clean up and refurbishment, add some aluminum dampers, some alloy bits for bling bling effect, maybe better screws and new red plastics (but I'm thinking to replace them with black ones).

This car is retired years ago and will be a shelf queen.

*You can see it by the front rally scoop bumper.

Usual side view. Rally bumper and large wheels. FRP Towers. Enlarged wheels. RW Racing chassis. My sway bars and scoop front bumper. HPI steering linkages. Handmade rear arms brace. Sway bar and hard propeller shaft. The Carbon chassis.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Escort Cosworth: first 4WD Rally Touring car.




Bella Max!



Looks fantastic, love all the mods that you have done.



Nice work!



Thank you mates.



These cars are so strong, I have ran some of mine on mad brushless motors up to 7700 Kv on 3 cells and it all holds up, I now only run 2 cells and around 5000Kv with high speed gear set still very fast, great work on all the mods !!



Yes, they are very strong. I've ran my Delta Integrale for a long time on the buggy track making jumps like buggies and no problems, failures or other issues. They only suffer about torque problems on rear gearbox but with the right tips everything is solved.
Here my other TA model: [Click here] and the chassis: [Click here]



Wow! Nice handywork my friend!



Thank you!

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