Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: Runner
Date: 8-Oct-2014
Comments: 3
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Yet another car that I bought for parts for a runner only to discover that it's in better condition than the car I have. It came with a load of useful spares and a good quality working modified brushed motor/LRP esc. It does have 'Worlds Edition' stickers on the wing but I think that's just wishful thinking on the part of the last owner

This one, like most XX4's has been raced, they were always too expensive and fragile to be just used for bashing. It's been fitted with the bare essential hop ups to keep it moving i.e. upgraded motor mount and clamp. The diff's are lovely and smooth but it has suffered from the usual 'Losi belt rot', all of the rubber on the drive belts dries up and becomes brittle to the point that it literally falls apart, leaving you with sticky bits of rubber and Kevlar string around your diff's/pulleys :( I took the belts out of my old car and put them in here and it's now ready to resume active duty for the first time in years! Hooray.




Nice score...I saw these raced very successfully at the vintage offroad nationals this year (won 4WD modified) so I'm in the market for one myself. I think you do have a WE there based on the cut-out under the motor and batteries. Standard XX4 chassis is solid throughout but could be wrong.



The XX4 for sure is an icon! I loved racing mine!

It's useless on astro though, those belts snap instantly



Fantastic cars (apart from the belt issue) - Since Darren Bloomfield was still winning UK national events with one up until a year or so ago, it seems somewhat unfair to run these in any vintage class!

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