Model: (Click to see more) 44019: Subaru Impreza WRC '99 TGX-MK.1TS
Status: Restored
Date: 21-Oct-2014
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I won a recent ebay auction for a lightly used chassis, main reason for purchase was it included a new TM-2 tuned pipe and manifold which had eluded me for along time. Now I had a very lightly used kit plus parts in my collection to make a restored and complete set.

I have the original box and a brand new 99 WRC body set painted up and even the original manual, all which were not included in the ebay auction.

I changed the rock chipped undercowel for new, fitted front and rear alloy suspension arms, new rear uprights, added a lightweight flywheel, front universal driveshafts, replaced the rear bumper for new and gave it general clean up.

Car came fitted with full ball bearings, a reinforced prop shaft, alloy brake arm and upgraded disk brake and servos fitted.

I removed the TM-2 pipe and manifold for another chassis, fitted a new TM-3 muffler and new exhaust pipe.


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Great find, looks good in that new 99 body



Congratulations for this nice restoration.
This Impreza 99 is magnificent, like new !



Thanks guys.

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