Model: (Click to see more) 58133: Jaccs Honda Civic
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Oct-2014
Comments: 3
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This is my FF01 n°2. I've largely restored this model.
This FF01 is customised with some Hop-Up parts : Tamiya FWD Aluminium Motor Heat Sink (#53177) / Eagle Racing Rear Knuckle (#457-070) / Cross Racing Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set (#FF-13) / Aluminium King Pin (#53157) / Aluminium Front Ball Bearing C-Hub Carrier / Aluminium Front Upright Knuckle arms / Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (for Ball Diff) (#53217). Much more work needs to achieve this FF01! I will mount a Honda Civic body on this chassis.


Crash Cramer


Good luck with the finishing of this, I have one and got the body painted up, just need to finish it off with proper rear body mounts so I can put some photos of the whole thing in my showroom. The decals on the Castrol livery were quite challenging.



I have been using my FF01 regularly since I got it new in 1994. I think i have gone through about 20 sets of tires and 5 pinions. These are great a chassis. I may need to add some of those neat aluminum parts. If you plan on driving this, may I suggest adding a TA02 rear sway bar. This forces the rear inside wheel to lift under hard cornering so that the car will oversteer. It completely changed the dynamic of the car for me.



Hello, Thank you guys !
The TA02 Rear Sway Bar is a smart idea !!
I will change the dampers too (I'll buy a TRF Damper Set (Fluorine Coated) [#53571])

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