Model: (Click to see more) 49417: M-03R Chassis kit
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Oct-2014
Comments: 3
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This is my Tamiya M-03R. The M-03R was a high-performance M-03 chassis. It's, in my RC Runners, the model I appreciated the most to drive !
The standard M-03R is equiped with some Hop-Up parts: CVA Super Mini Dampers / Chrome Plated or Blue Plated Main Chassis / Full Ball Bearings / Aluminium Front Aluminium Upright / Rear Aluminium Upright / Aluminium Motor Heatsink / Aluminium Servo Mount / Double Wishbone Suspension / ...
I use this M-03R in a indoor M-chassis asphalt track. I use M-Grip tyres dor the front, and S-Grip tyres for the rear. When the tyres are a a good temperature, the M-03R is a very efficient model.
Years crossed and my M-03R has evolved.
This model is highly customised: Full Stainless Steel Screws / Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft [#53390] / Yeah Racing Aluminium Bearing C-Hub (M03-005BU) / M03 Assembly Universal Shaft Set [#53597] / M-Chassis Reinforced Freewheel Axle Set [#54183] / Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) [#51000] / Aluminium Horn For Hi-Torque Servo Saver (M-chassis) [#54120] / Square RC Aluminium Rear Reinforcements Bar [SMF-4] / Eagle Racing Aluminium Gold Steering Turnbuckle / M-chassis 11-Spoke Wheels (I use it only on the track) [#49461] / TL-01 Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set [#53301].
I take a lot of care of this chassis, so I wish that I will be able to drive it another years !

With a Mini Cooper MkI body (shelf body & wheels) The ESC is a LRP Ai Digital Super Reverse LRP GT4 (21x2) tuned (heatsink, soft springs,...) The box




This is one of the best tamiya kit! Looks like very good care!

Crash Cramer


WOW, what a thing of beauty, it looks to me as if the body's blue was so deep that while racing it sweated and dyed all the parts under it on the chassis, that looks great and I have to say I am biased by Blue Minis as I have one of these bodies too and it was painted wonderfully for me, I could only have asked for the earliest model with the real chrome grill piece and bumpers and not the molded lexan that I have, but it still looks sharp to me. I suppose I am envious of your early body.



Hello, Thank you pininy and Crash Cramer !
I love the M-03 if tomorrow I will have to keep just one RC car it will be a the top of the list. The M-chassis FWD are very funny to drive, with some Hop-Up they have a great comportment ! I've tested a M-05, it is more efficient (out of the box than a standard M-03) but less funny. It's perhaps the more popular Tamiya M-chassis ever made till now !

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