Model: (Click to see more) 58157: TA02RS 4WD Chassis Kit
Status: Project
Date: 25-Oct-2014
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Here is my TA-02 RS. The TA-02RS was sold by Tamiya to celebrete the sucess of the TA-02 chassis on DTM official races. The 'RS' (Racing Special) was the performance version of the standard TA-02. The TA-02RS was exclusively intended for 4WD on-road RC car competions. My TA-02RS is not 'standard', this model is highly customised with some Hop-Up parts from Tamiya and other brands: FRP Chassis Set (from a Tamiya Top Force) / Tamiya Front Low Friction Aluminium Damper Set [#53155] / Tamiya Rear Hi-Caps Damper Mini [#53086] / Team GPM Racing Alloy Steer Assem W/Bushing-Orig Chass [#TA2047] / GPM Aluminium Alloy Front Knuckle Arm Silver [#TA3021S] / Team GPM Racing Alloy Bearing C-Hub With 5x8 Bushing [#TA1020] / Team GPM Racing Alloy Rear Knuckle Arm [#TA2022] / Team GPM Racing Alloy Rear Lower Arm [#TA2056] / Tamiya Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Ball Diff) [#53217] X2 / Tamiya Skyline GT-R Universal Shaft Set [#53115] X2 / ... I hope that Tamiya will release the Nissan Skyline GT-R33 body to finish this TA-02RS project !

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