Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Oct-2014
Comments: 4
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Long time since my last post! Too many things happened in 2014, but have been following TC as often as I could. First I have to apologize on Kontemax, whom I promised to take apart the gearbox and make more detail shots! Winter is coming, I´m sure this will be the time for this.
As Halloween is coming, I wanted you to present the MB in the action I built it for, on the camping site! My buddy Gerd, who was a long time sick this year, finally finished the twin brother beetle, and he also made good success: Complete new Frog gearbox, same 17,5t SpeedPassion engine with sunrise 120A ESC like mine. He has no slipperclutch, so it can be launched like a lunchbox and does some wheelies when the grip is good! He even installed a light set from Carson with indicators, brake light and Absima front off road lights.
There were some LEDS left, so he thought what to do with these? The result is perfect for the Halloween weekend, so it came to “Albert Attaboy on fire”.
All shots were taken on our camping weekend of the big beetles club, so this explains the background. It was so much fun! We also drove in the night to test our lights, and simply let them run nearly blind through a field. Everything was fine. My suspension works really good, and it absorbs way more than an original “stomping” MB. Gerd was impressed, so he will definitely copy my setup.
We enjoyed every minute, and finally this was the reward for the work we invested so far in the MB´s.
BR to all MB lovers, Matthias with greets from Gerd to TC!

The 2 brothers Noses up! Let there be lights! Close up... Into darkness... Lighting the dark was fun! Scary Albert! Last stop was the fireplace, a great day!

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COOL BUGS!!!! Great pics....looks like fun!



Nice Pics. Not too close to that fire or they will become Molten Beetles!



Thank you guys, it was real big fun!
But I was also afraid standing too long in front of the fire, until we could get a good photo...



ohh cool!

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