Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Project
Date: 11-Nov-2014
Comments: 4
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I've only just recently developed an interested in Schumacher cars, they just didn't do anything for me whenever they came up for sale in the past. Things are different now though!

This Pro Cat was rescued from ebay for not too much, probably because it doesn't look very pretty in its un-restored state. It's my favourite type of vintage RC model - an ex-racer. Hoooray! It's been fitted with a pair of RW Racing diff pulleys and spur gear adaptor, both of which were common period racing upgrades.

There's nothing particularly special about this car apart from the not very round tyres and the steering servo. For its time this KO Propo servo was the top of the range and cutting edge (well as much as a servo can be anyway). It's a PS87 World Champion Edition, it would have been monumentally expensive when new so whoever raced this car was serious. And it still works :)

I don't recognise the speed controller, it might of been de-cased by the last owner, unfortunately it hasn't aged as well as the servo and is totally dead

-Dusty and well used -Saucy servo -Cut away - to save weight?




a quick spit and polish and it will look like new, interesting servo, very cool car.



Looks like a bit of a mongrel of parts this one! - I can't quite work out the shape of the front bumper... but I'm wondering if this started out as a CAT XLS which has at some point had most of a BossCat rear end grafted onto it (not sure how this works since the belt on a BossCat runs over the top of the chassis rather than underneath it?) That chassis looks like the optional saddle pack chassis for the CAT - the ProCat came with a white GRP saddle pack chassis as standard. That ESC was probably supplied heatshrinked like that from the factory... there were a few from UK manufacturers (Lazer & Speedmaster etc) which were pretty much hand built, so no fancy cases!



Looks to be a blend of XLS, Procat and Bosscat, with a few nice period extras. Nice find.



Thanks for the comments and info' chaps

I hadn't really noticed that it was a 'bitsa' but I like it even more now that I know it's a racing mongrel!

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