Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 17-Nov-2014
Comments: 2
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Got this and a LRP Blast SC (see related model) from a local man for £100.00 came with loads of spares li-po's chargers books magazines etc, I was told this was purchased by him from the widow of the writer of the article in the provided magazine, it had since been stripped and rebuilt I cant verify this, but I can see no reason for him to make this up as we had already agreed a deal, Just wish he had kept it as per the pictures with the same stickers etc it would have been a true piece of RC history then.

Has speed passion brushless set up and its stupidly fast.

Big smiles

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LRP Blast S10 SC




Sleek looking buggy!



Thanks mad bee it looks good for a budget car and it's fun to drive it's going to my Nephew tomorrow (impending trip to the park for some bashing) he is getting more serious about RC's it might be a bit quick just yet but for what I paid if the car is trashed he still has the rc gear and brushless set up and another car to go at do all is good.

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