Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Dec-2014
Comments: 4
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I've never really seen the appeal of the early Avante's especially the high price they commanded until I saw the Black Special which I was sold on. At the time there was no Black Specials for sale so found a stunning shelf queen 2011 model with alloy rims. After Xray Mark kindly painted the 2011 shell in the black I had my replica. Within days the Green Blazer came up for sale and I had to have it, which the seller wanted the shelf queen 2011 Avante in its original livery as part of the trade. So I was left with a Avante Black Special shell and wheels. I was looking for weeks for another donor chassis and out the blue Klausen listed his project on TC which was meant to be. Got my local mate to build it up as he's always got lots of spare time. Then I couldn't believe another TC member listed a Avante Special kit which I had to have. After all that it worked out the same price to buy as the original replica. Perhaps I should have just waited in the first place lol

1 2nd attempt at a Replica 1 1 Original Replica Shelf Queen 2011 before the transformation Should of waited lol Challenge Anneka - 2nd donor found


Crash Cramer


But if you had waited, the Green Blazer might not have been??? Just fate and it sounds like it was enjoyable.

Tamiya Era


Congrats on this purchase..Well Done!



Never thought of it like that Crash Cramer as the guy did not want money for the Blazer he just wanted models to trade. Which cost me the 2011 Shelf Queen Avante, New Built Re-Release Scorcher and a NIB Egress Re-Release kit

SRB Bloke


Jealous as always bud.. !!!! mind you I'm not a fan of those pink wheels

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