Model: (Click to see more) 99968: Xray
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Jan-2015
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Xray t3 2012 specs. I have not updated this car as i am so happy with it. It is absolutely smooth and flat and fast.
I have the upgrades which i consider must have which are
A-spec velcro battery strap ( no messing about with fibreglass tape that breaks). Spec -r version 2 esc front driveshafts ( double jointed so no chatter on lock). Running p37-r shell and xenon pre mounts which have a nice hard plastic dish. This thing is rapid and makes me look a better driver than i actually am. The motor is the lrp x10 ( the bronze can) and the esc is hobbywing is xtreme stock which has the advanced timing firmware which can take ' stock'/'super stock' motors to extreme rpm, quite amazing. Have decided to take up 10.5 carpet racing again this year and looking forward to it!..
Will update the photos with some top off shots when i get the hudy hauler hag out the cupboard.

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