Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: NIB
Date: 1-Jan-2015
Comments: 1
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I always thought the adspec radio systems were a great idea to have the rx and esc combined and cannot understand why they don't produce a modern variant?. It gives a neater install. Anyway. I found a new in box set on ebay for what i thought was a good price and an very happy with it but found out after that a japanese seller must have found a pallet of these as a seller on ebay was selling several at under £100 a set new in box!. I got mine for £150. I think it's the perfect radio for vintage buggies and have the p160-f cpr unit in my rere egress and i have a p100f combined with an acoms pistol tx in my rere avante.even though they are rated at quite high current you have to be careful with gearing with modern motors as modern units like my tamiya bz motor has very strong magnets, much much stronger than dynatech and technigold etc.




Awesome find (and terrific cars, too!). Happy 2015!

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