Model: (Click to see more) 99979: Cross-RC
Status: New built
Date: 13-Jan-2015
Comments: 9
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I can't believe how much I am now hooked on Scale Off Roading. What a change from being someone who never runs models and just had shelfers. I heard about these trucks last year on another forum but was gutted when the model was sold before it hit any dirt. Out the blue a mate popped round and brought one with him waving it under my nose. At the time I was 50:50 about the model as seemed very light for a 6 wheeler + being a brand I have never heard of. Weeks past then the Bling Ranger went to a new home as just sitting on the shelf unloved. I text my mate and he still had the truck. How could I refuse picking it up last Saturday ready for Mousehold Heath on the Sunday with fellow members of the Norwich Scale Off Road Facebook group. The model did not perform as well as I thought it would but hopefully with extra weight in the bed it will gain better traction climbing steep inclines. Hope you like the pics and comments welcome

1 1 1 Some Scale logs may help with traction lol Some of the other guys including my Deadbolt Dingo




Yeah mate shelfers are great but you can't beat the fun and excitement of getting out and running models!!

Plus its great to put them to the test and see what they can do! How they perform!

Nothing like taking a car to the beach for me!

I love to see how a car copes with the different conditions! and its a buzz driving on this surface!
and am lucky enough to have beaches near me!

So fully understand Barry how you have new outlooks in this hobby!

Looks fun and first pic is the real thing for sure isnt it??

Good on ya for getting out for a go!!

Crash Cramer


Maybe a case of beer will be heavy enough for running it and then after the batteries are spent, you can drink them.



Nice ! I added the MFC-02 to my Cross-RC 6x6 and it helped add some weight. Great addition to the club.



Great pics and very cool truck! I have my share of shelfers but always had plenty of runners because that's what they were meant for and where the most fun is!



Sweet rig these look awesome fun.



Thanks for the comments. LOL@ Crash Cramer. If only as have to drive 27 miles to the event. Mad-Bee its even better when your with a group of mates as well challenging yourself on different terrains. I don't think I could still bring myself to run a mint Blazing Blazer though. The MFC-02 is certainly on my shopping list next as they sound awesome on the You Tube videos. Currently running 55T Brushed kit motor and soft pack lipo. Perhaps a heavy Nimah may help weigh it down a bit



Impressive looking beast Barry. There's definitely something special about running a big multi-axle rig.



Love it mate, very cool truck!



I'm glad I waited as nearly bought one of these Axial SCX10 6x6 conversions that pop up on eBay by private builders. IBIFTKH I think I have just found a home for your Red and Blue WW drivers in the cab.

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