Model: (Click to see more) 58391: Hotshot
Status: Other
Date: 18-Jan-2015
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Firstly thank you for all the kind words from so many of you on my Lego Supershot, hugely appreciated.

So here is the 2nd model in my Lego Tamiya rc cars project. I halted work on the Frog after a few of your comments on the Supershot asking for a Hotshot. As the Hotshot was always on my to do list (and my favourite Tamiya car) this was not a big problem!

Obviously this model shares many similarities chassis wise to the Supershot so it was not a full new build but there were a surprising amount of changes made vs the last one. Quite a few improvements on certain areas I wasn’t happy with on the Supershot like the steering and roll cage attachment points. Also the suspension setup required a complete redesign of the front and back of the car.

The rear suspension geometry took hours and hours of trial and error to find a combination of pieces that worked and that would be strong enough to transmit the load to the mono shock. I almost gave up at one point but then suddenly I found a solution, I am very pleased with how it turned out, it operates just like the rc car version. The front suspension was also a little tricky, mainly down to creating the necessary strength.

The body isn’t perfect, I had to make a lot of compromises to get the best look possible. I wanted to have the asymmetrical sides represented but this just proved too difficult. Obviously the raised section on the top is much more pronounced on the model but this is the only way to create the shape with a smooth (no studs) finish. It does make the car look a bit more aggressive I think. The biggest compromise was the headlights, unfortunately the actual size lights fell right between 2 and 3 stud wide round lego elements so they are a little on the small side.

To finish off I decided that I had to get a set of wheels gold chromed. It looks good with black ones too (I do like black wheels) but for now I wanted to get it as close to box art as possible. I built a dummy engine again, just a V6 in this one due to space issues with the suspension unit. Overall, even with the Supershot to copy elements of, this took around 40 hours to finish.

Well that is it, am pleased with how it ended up and it looks great sat next to the Supershot, hope you like it. It does make me feel like finishing the set with a Hotshot 2…but for now I think I will return to the Frog, or maybe a Hornet...

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Another FANTASTIC build my friend. Keep posting these!



Fantastic build yet again!!!... Truly impressive Work.

pcw 064


One word, brilliant !



Wouw, you are really doing an amazing job on these. Have you send some pics to Tamiya and Lego. They should release these things.



Again very cool construction !!!!! What a great pair they are !!!!



Incredible! The proportions are so close to the actual model - you must be a Master Builder



Once again, just like your Supershot, I initially thought this was just a standard Hotshot. This one is even better than the first Lego effort....simply incredible!



Wow, simply amazing! Had no idea these were made of Legos until reading your description and enlarging the photos!



CREATE HS2, CREATE HS2, CREATE HS2!!!!! MORE, MORTE MORE. Amazing build again a superb job. Incredible to see how big the looks match the Tamiya version but to some extend this obe even has improvements. Keep up the good work!!

Max Power


Another fabulous creation! I'm really excited to see the next one, thank you for sharing them with us



Perfectly done again, congrats Wich one next ?

Crash Cramer


OH MY GOODNESS< YOU NAILED THIS, WOW, it is just so much to take in and I have no words that would do it justice in description. I so want one of these you don't even have a clue how badly. The icing on the cake are those awesome gold plated wheels and you also got it right with the V6, I always imagined this would be the mild sport version desert racer and the SS would be the MODIFIED desert racer.
I sure hope you put all the build details down on paper and you ought to submit this to the Lego program that seeks out 'NEW' ideas to put into kit form. Perhaps they will take the idea to Tamiya and there might be a combined PR Effort, this could be EPIC, and I don't say that word much at all, I am too old to use it.



Thanks everyone! I think this one turned out better than the Supershot overall and was a lot of fun to do.
Tjaard, I suspect the HS2 sticker set is a bit pricey but it is on my list. I think I am going to do a 2wd next though, either carry on with the frog or do a Hornet...
Crash Cramer, these builds are not all that complicated, some clever lego builders can use software to create instructions for their models, unfortunately I am not one of them I will see if anyone from the lego community is interested in doing instructions, you never know.
I will start a forum topic shortly and see if the support is there to get this onto Lego Ideas, 10,000 is a lot of votes!
Thanks again to you all for the very kind comments!



This is so SICK I can't find the words to describe it! Holy S***!

Crash Cramer


I don't know if the instructions are a must have for the projects submitted, but 10000 is NOT all that many votes considering there are over 40000 members here and a few of us might vote for it. Besides, I don't think Lego has made ANY vehicle that looks as sexy and well thought out as these two creations of yours thus far, decals for Lego won't be as cool since they might be considered proprietary, and I doubt they would use the very nice rubber tires, but we could always hold out some hope??



Amazing! Lego and tamiya should take note and team up to produce these. Top work



Yes, hats off to you my Man



Pure genius! I've been tricked again as per the supershot thinking it was the actual Tamiya car!
What a stunner!
+1 for a hornet!!



That is seriously AMAZING !!!!! If Lego and Tamiya teamed up like Stickerbod said, I would buy every single one they made !!!! (Or you made, If I owned Lego Corp....Your Hired )



Excellent....these need to be broken down into a parts and build plan and sell them, whoever wants one can then go and buy all the pieces, I'd buy them in a...erm...shot!



1 word. Stunning. Now post it to please.

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