Model: (Click to see more) 58587: Neo Fighter Buggy
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Jan-2015
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I bought this car last year at the modellbau 2014 in Dortmund Germany for 65€.
For this money you get a lot, oil dampers, a torque tuned motor and a ESC for sensored brushless motor and can also be used with brushed motors.
I added a few option parts like DF-03 alu dampers some tyrnbuckles and offcourse a set of ball bearings.
Offcourse i painted the body in her color sheme.
This is one of the 4 cars she's using, the other cars are a TT-02 (wich is for sale) TA05R and a Spec-R R1.
She's only 10 years (almost 11) old but she knows how to run a race, she's actually a very good driver.
Every race that she participates the other competitors know that she's a very good and a fair driver.
She's actually faster then some other pilots who have several years of experience in racing.

Along with her TT-02 1

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