Model: (Click to see more) 58227: TAO3R TRF Special Chassis Kit (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: Restored
Date: 26-Jan-2015
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This car has been in my possession since 2006, and I seriously doubted if I would ever get it to a stage where I could call it DONE, and thus it is affectionately referred to as my Nemesis...

I had wanted one of these for quite some time, with little to no luck in finding one, so when this appeared on eBay it had to be mine.. However the joy of winning the auction was short lived upon seeing its true condition when it arrived.. Unfortunately for me, the sellers photos did a great job of hiding the years of misuse that it had suffered in its life..

To be honest, the chassis looked like it had been driven up and down a gravel driveway.. The chassis was gouged up quite bad, and had chunks of carbon fibre missing in places.. The arms were pitted, and the shock rod ends were almost worn right through.. I just couldn't understand how someone could mistreat such a beautiful car..

The car was disassembled and cleaned, and the search began for the parts that needed to be replaced.. A NIP chassis set was sourced, as was a complete TA03RS in Jun black to use as a donor car.. But I decided to go in a different direction after sourcing a set of alloy arms.. A complete ground up restoration was done.. Both gear cases were polished with cutting compound to a like new shine.. New parts were fitted where required, including the alloy arms.. Yeah racing alloy rims complete the package..

I still need to replace the grey battery holder with a black one, but with these cars getting on in years a bit now, I don't like my chances of finding one, so I might try dying the grey one black..

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