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Status: New built
Date: 26-Jan-2015
Comments: 2
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Ae rc8be . Amazing quality build. Not to keen on this first edition shell. Am trying to get a jconcepts punnisher or at least the proline bulldog as i prefer the aggressive cab firward bodies. Have hobbywing brushless ststem for it and also an orion mr8 motor




That is a great buggy. I have had the truggy version and the SC version, and both were amazing runners.

xray mark


Thanks, i know this sounds weird but i can tell this will be a good runner from the feel if it. It feels quite heavy which imo is a good thing as most modern rc cars seem to light for todays power systems and end up bouncing around on the track. I think this will be planted and will allow the suspension to do all the work. I forgot to add, this had the latest .2 upgrade kit on it, towers and plastics etc

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