Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Feb-2015
Comments: 8
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Havent had time to list any new projects for a while due to work on my Ebayshop SonRcService but this is a nice one :)
This is my restored Thunder Tiger Panda Danny Thompson`s Stadium Racer 1/10 Nitro Truck.
Got the set of ebay a few years ago in parts with Box.
Gave it a full clean and regreasing and added a full set of ball bearings.
New Diff was mounted due to the old was glued stuck??.
The engine the GP-10 was completly stuck so had no hope of getting it running again but after the rebuild it fired up on the second pull and worked like new with good compression.
I let it run a couple of tanks on idle and on the test run it performed very well.
The body was in good shape and had only a few spots where the paint had flaked .
The wheels got painted box art and it did make the car quite a bit better looking.
Love these panda cars and this will be a light runner.
Got 2 NIB`s and Third new set for parts so should not be a problem parts wise .
Hope you enjoy the pics :)

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Looks great. We don't see many of these around. I have a new body and front bumper for the Panda buggy, but guess I never find the rest for it



Great looking vintage nitro you have there.



Very nice.. My very first nitro-car was one of these, around 1988 I think?. Mine was painted yellow, however.

Outta Control


Very nice one! Couldn't come out better than this!

Tamiya Cowboy


great looking rare truck!

Crash Cramer


Very interesting truck there and I agree, the painted wheels make it look much different and better. Those tires look great too, real Mickey Thompson's, how bout that. Do I spy old Hitec/Aristocraft servos in there?



Really cool!



Thanks for the comments guys
The car got the origina Thunder Tiger servos and reciever.Just need a TT hand set to complete it .
Anybody got one ???.
Just waiting for the spring to take it for some cruising

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