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Status: Project
Date: 21-Feb-2015
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This was Xpress' top of the range touring car from about 2002(ish). These flagship models were easy to spot amongst their more mundane siblings by the splattering of red alloy and option parts around the chassis and the white 'light weight' diff's (in this instance light weight should be interpreted as fragile). This car has a 27 turn motor installed and hasn't had much use so the diff' outdrives are in good condition, a hotter motor or more track time would have killed them very quickly. If you look under the cheap and nasty looking ESC you can see a receiver pack, I don't know why this has been fitted to it as the ESC powers the servo with no problems.

This one is in very good condition under the dirt and grime and judging by the underside of the chassis it has only been run on carpet. I bought it to use for parts to fix up another Xpress Pro I have but this one is in much better condition than the other so it'll stay in one piece and I'll take bits of the other one :) The bumper mount is the only casualty - hence the historical awful attempt at repairing it with tape.

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