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Date: 10-Mar-2015
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In the pursuit of the 'ultimate' WR-02 based 'Stumpy' vehicle, what better than to take one of Tamiya's longest models, and fit it to their shortest chassis?.

March 2015 - showroom update:

Status: new-build

Name: the STUMPkamper

Chassis: WR-02

Body: Tamiya Ford Aeromax

March 2015: With the build of the STUMPkamper, I really tried to push my boundaries and incorporate pretty much all of the skills I've learnt over the years - from weathering to 'scale' details, custom fabrications and modified original parts, together with a suitable back-story and not least making sure it remained fully functional and fun to drive!

At the same time, hopefully the size of the truck body meant that it wouldn't look too 'crowded' despite incorporating so many elements - and that each technique and detail would complement the vehicle as a whole?

The big boxy body also meant there was also room for one new thing I've wanted to try and incorporate into a build for while now... It's not a new idea of course, but I hope I have put a suitable spin on it (aha, see what I did there?!)...

I have animated the driver's head by fitting a micro servo to the inside of his shoulders - that drives a 3mm threaded shaft to which his helmet is attached. This is driven via a Y lead from the steering servo, so Willy actually looks left and right in conjunction with the wheels!

The head I chose to use was my custom-made 'Moto-Willy' (we'll call him 'Racer Willy' now, since he's in an ex-Dakar truck and has a red race suit too) that I'd grafted one of Toykid's peaks onto - but which was really lost/hidden when he was behind the wheel of the Fro-Sco...

The driver's body was attached to chassis via a short aluminium threaded link rod (please see the build thread in Monster Trucks & Wheelie Rigs section of the forum for full details) which put him in pretty much the perfect position - however, I did need to square him up to the chassis slightly using a zip-tie around the base of the rod. My decision to wind his window partially down particularly paid dividends, as when he looks to the left, the peak of the helmet actually sticks out of the window a little - helping to emphasise the fact his head is turning with the steering (especially as the Aeromax body features tinted windows).

I really hope you like the latest addition to this project, and for now I consider it finished... I can also confirm, having run the car outside, that it wheelies at the sniff of the throttle - and it was probably a good thing the battery was partially worn down for this first test... boy is it going to fly with full power!!!

Toot toot for now!

Jenny xx

'Racer Willy' at the wheel at last! 1 red race-suit and sponsor stickers 1 shoulders modified to hold micro servo moto peak is from Knight Customs, grafted on six forward facing lights are bright! custom 2011 Dakar stickers scaled down to fit 1 scratch built access ladder and roof rails demountable sand ladders, and WW2 spare wheel overall colour scheme a subtile nod to Welsh flag 1 this has to be my all-time favourite Willy ride! 2017 update: black wheels rear fog/dust lights and tail-lights roof lamps and headlights (Pro-Line spot-lamp kit) rusted and weathered paintwork

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Love it, amazing work Jenny



Fantastic! You and IBIFTKH are both wheelie, wheelie creative!



Great build. Soon you'll have a whole line up of Stumpies. What's next?



Looking great! Love the lights they do look like they would light up the road ahead!

But those wheels still bother me! But then that's only because the rest looks so natural!




SRB Bloke


Another great build J. Looks stunning.
But I have to agree, those wheels look odd being so new and clean on a great Dakar truck



Another Epic Jenny build!! Great to see this next to Rob's entry. Tamiya need to put on an exhibition and both this and his are a must have in that show.



Love it. All the elements and techniques you've used work really well together. It doesn't look crowded, it just looks right. The stance and overall look are perfect. Brilliant job.

@Grastens - that was wheelie bad!!



I love this! Awesome attention to detail, it just looks so right!



Absolutely spectacular custom ride! Best of all your skills in 1!



So much detail - this is an amazing build!

Grumpy pants


This is really impressive stuff Jenny. I couldn't have imagined it turning out so well. The level of detail and ingenuity is awesome.



Just amazing!



So cool. Do you drive these Jenny?



Thank you everyone! When I first came up with this concept I always envisaged something like this would be the end result, but even I am surprised how well everything ultimately works together... It wasn't particularly cheap to build of course, but I felt it was worth the investment in new parts and some high quality accessories, and not least taking the time to fabricate a lot of custom details to really tie the project together as a whole. @Pintopower - yes, I certainly do drive all my models, although not as much as I would like to at the moment... I'm hoping that in a few weeks' time I will get the chance to take the trio of STUMPies to a nice beach and get some proper photos (and maybe even video) of them all in action!



Will look forward to that Jenny! I am a sucker for some good old beach action!! This will look and be fantastic on a sandy beach!

Keep these creations rolling!
Cheers James.



Amazing work, so much detail.



Unbelievable, you got great building skills Jenny.



Great job, you should design for Tamiya



Great work, looks awesome!!!


That looks cool!

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