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Status: Project
Date: 21-Mar-2015
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Team Xtreme X11. The basic design and configuration of this handsome line of cars hasn't changed very much since it appeared on the market in the early 1990s, this is one of the last incarnations, with a chassis designed for LiPo batteries. Up until a couple of years ago you could buy a new one off the shelf and although the manufacturer still exists they only supply parts (when they feel like it - but that's another matter). They're pretty rare due to their top end price tag when new, approx £400.
Like all the best/worse purchases I stumbled across this when I wasn't looking for one on the 'bay. The BIN price was eyewateringly high but it's in very good condition and came with a good supply of useful parts, tyres and three pro painted body shells. There was an early model for sale at the same time for about £30 less but it was a 'no brainer' when it came down to choosing which of the two to pull the trigger on.

Weak in the presence of beauty? A profile lower than a politician's morals My favourite of the 3 shells that came with it




I'm glad you like it. It was my pride and joy which I wish I'd never sold



Looks awesome mate



Thanks for the comments chaps
Sorry Mark I didn't realise it was THE Mark Whittaker! I can tell it's been cherished



Awesome! Great colors too.

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