Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Other
Date: 23-May-2015
Comments: 6
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Well after reading about Seth (Wyoming) finding a GREAT Bruiser for only $20 dollars at a yard sale last week, I decided to get up early and hit the yard sales....The FIRST yard sale I hit i see this on a big blue blanket. I ask the man how much for the car and he says 'How about $10 bucks!!!' I quickly took out the money and handed it to him....Hit a few more sales and didn't find anything else, but that is ok....I think I did pretty good.

I will give the chassis a good cleaning, throw in some vintage radio gear and call it good. I'm gonna leave the body exactly as I found it...I really like it.....A nice vintage example for sure !!!! Thanks for looking...Cheers!!

UPDATE: All cleaned and fitted with vintage Futaba gear and a brand new set of vintage rear tyers :)....See last pic !!




Wow, what a steal!



Wow!!! $10….... That body has come up a treat!!

Yeah keep it just as it is! apart from tyres... perished and flatspots? This buggy is a real vintage treasure!!

It looks great too!



Thats a nice fine for $10.00 Body looks great a classic..



Love the colour scheme. You are right to leave it - looks great. You did well.



Bargain. looks like its cleaning up a treat.



Nice one Dan!
I like vintage paint too!

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