Model: (Click to see more) 84387: Neo Scorcher - Bright Pink Metallic
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Jun-2015
Comments: 7
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Although my favourite look when it comes to RC buggies is the traditional 'scale' rear cab type I have to admit that the forward cab look is growing on me. Well, at least with some of the designs anyway. Some of them are still truly ugly mind you.

But when I saw the standard Neo Scorcher released I added it to the wishlist in my mind, pretty certain that I would get one eventually. However when I discovered this 'Pink Special' I realised that the date when I would be getting a Neo Scorcher had suddenly moved a lot closer than originally planned.

I'm not sure how limited this kit was but I was surprised to see that it wasn't widely available in the UK so I decided to take the plunge and get one, just in case it becomes another one of those kits that vanishes from the face of the earth overnight.

This one clearly pays homage to the Terra Scorcher from the 1980s but it's angular, boxy looks make it even better looking than that buggy IMO. It's got a really stealthy look about it, and had Tamiya named it the 'Pink Panther' then it would have been quite appropriate. :)

Pink Panther The usual minimalist modern box lid artwork Still a pretty box though. 'Functional' packaging too. Electric Pink! Black Chrome wheels are pretty tasty. Plastic heavy.... The other functionals. Body gets it's own instruction sheet.




Aww, I'm jealous, If I got my wife one of these I think I could tempt her to going RC'ing a lot more often..



Nah I prefer the original Terra Scorcher! This buggy is a good cheap runner though

SRB Bloke


I've been looking at these and thought my daughter would love one. When she gets up in the morning we'll see what she thinks. For her first car I think she'll love it.



Or how about a Jun Watanabe Hornet, Steve?

Crash Cramer


Those black chrome wheels look great, wonder if I can find them for sale separately???



I haven't seen them anywhere Chris, nor the body for that matter. The best ebay seller to keep an eye on for spares of limited edition Tamiya kits is samurai-japan-2009.

Grumpy pants


Another good choice imo. These looks quite capable and good value for money.

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