Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: New built
Date: 30-Jul-2003
Comments: 3
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The 959 was the last really hot Tamiya I remember before 1:1 cars, girls and beer became my focus. I am now old enough to multitask better so I have added Tamiya's back onto my list of priorities.

The Group B rally cars were truly amazing machines and Tamiya delivered a truly amazing piece of kit to match. This wonderful kit comes with almost every hop-up you can imagine included, with aluminium oil-filled dampers, quite a few ball-bearings and of course the awesome Technigold motor. Oddly enough, Tamiya only included plastic bearings for the wheel axles and the tiny bearings used in the gearbox, but I have replaced all of them with ball-bearings. I have also used the Centre Ball Diff and front suspension stabilizer set from the Celica Gr.B

I originally planned on running this car, but could not resist having the body painted professionaly by Muhannad Alwani who paints Racing Master's cars for him. The results were stunning and these photo's just don't do it justice.

Finally, I finished the car off with Tamiya 1/10 5 spoke white wheels with rally tires, which fit directly onto the 959 if you use Avante hex whell adaptors. Personally I don't like the yellow wheels that come with the 959 - they are so unrealistic and I just do not understand why Tamiya would spend so much time and effort getting the complex body right only to throw on random wheels!? The real 959 has white 7 spoke wheels, but I could not find anything better than the 5-spoke version.

I love this car!


tuff bug


Very realistic car you have there



nice detail shots
love the story///



Great cars well done!

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