Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Other
Date: 18-Aug-2015
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I've just remembered that I took a few photos of this years Iconic RC Revival meet. These are some of the ones I took on Sunday's 4WD 'photo call'. What a great line up, all the usual suspects are there e.g. Hotshots, Top Forces, CATs etc. as well as some of the more un-usual ones.

Where else could you see such a wide range of classic vintage racers? :) Viva the Revival!

Weird and wonderful - the cars were varied as well Fatherly pride for my Intruder


Crash Cramer


Real interesting group of cars there. Another Red HotShot2, I have one myself, nice. A fluorescent Yellow and Red HotShot, who'd a thunk it. WOW, even I can see that one.



nice collection of pictures sir



Thanks for the comments guys.



It was awesome wasn't it

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