Model: (Click to see more) 99947: Mugen
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Sep-2015
Comments: 9
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This is my weapon of choice when competing in the 1:8 onroad class. 2015 was a full comeback season for me after several years now of just 'guest visiting' a race or two each year due to having 3x small kids.

The Mugen quality and performance is great. Best results this season were:
-2nd place in the Norwegian Championship
-2nd place in the pre-Euros Warm-up race in Eskilstuna, Sweden (the worlds largest onroad track)

I also have a std MRX-5 which is my rain car. I'll probably use both these cars also in 2016 as they are in very good condition, and I kinda doubt there will be much changes on the coming MRX-6.

Oh, and in casy you wondered: Yes, I'm the 'eternal no 2 finisher' :-)

Thx for looking and comments are always welcome! :-)

Photo by a pro gokart photographer Photo by a pro gokart photographer Photo by a pro gokart photographer Photo by a pro gokart photographer Protoform PFR18 bodyshell Paintjob by myself as always At my home track in Oslo 2nd place in the Nats 2015 2nd place in pre-Euros Warm up 2015 :-)




Great shots! And you do look happy with 2nd place!
It's all about the fun. I guess



Thx! And you're so right! I used to take it way too seriously, now it's mostly for fun and to get 'vacation from my family'

Which in turn leads to no nerves, no pressure - and better results

The no 2 result in the pre-Euros warm up race was with the best guys in Scandinavia present - so clearly my best ever result and best drive! So I gotta say my comeback was indeed great!



Nice shots, and the Mugen performance is well known here at our neck of the woods with numerous championship winners using them...



Well done. Here in Cape Town we finally have a class for these cars so i get to run mine now...great fun. Which tires do you use in wet weather?



You are using a stick that common in 1:8 track or your personal choice? The car: cool, cool, cool. This is formula one!



Yeah great pics! Thanks for your comment mate on my old Boomerang! Very proud of that car and that pic! and the happy memories that buggy gave me!

Wish i still had it!!

Congratulations mate on your result! Having fun and the bonus of bringing home some silverware!

I just drive for pure fun now on the beach! But if there was a vintage racing meet near to me I think l would make a come back!!

Cheers buddy.



Thx guys! Full wet: Kissling. Inters: Kissling, Matrix, Capricorn. Old man >> stick radio. Some others use it here up north, but most use pistols. Elsewhere in Europe it's a mix. The top dogs... stick radio

Crash Cramer


Since pilots still use sticks, the must be some correlation with the precision gained with that type of radio. Pretty cool



first : bravo for the second place, i think is a GREAT result !!! and 'second' i like your paint job ! is very appropriate for racing competition !!! well done mister .

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