Model: (Click to see more) 58052: Newman Porsche 956 RM.Mk.7
Status: New built
Date: 1-Dec-2015
Comments: 4
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Purchased from Japan boxed unbuilt a few months back, been wanting a Newman Porsche for a few years. This one has a new vintage1986 beat2 alpina steering pistol grip which I purchased 5 years back new unused boxed from the states ultra hard radio to find. The box art took a few weeks to complete! Fitting coats in in the evenings after work.
Lovely machine and looks the biz with the pit stop crew.The crew I painted several years back.

Newman Porsche with pit stop crew. Vintage 1985 Porsche Working these nuts loose


Crash Cramer


That paint work is awesome and the figures are just absolutely perfect in size. I guess I hadn't realized all these years that they are the same scale as these early RM cars. I will get my cars done one day, but for now, I will have to focus on cleaning up the house for Christmas guests. I am so tempted to do a Lowenbraugh themed 956/962 since I was able to get the decals, but they weren't made for a Tamiya bodyset, so could be a bit off in scale.



Thanks for your kind comments the figures were painted 5 years back and painted just for my web site. At the time I used the box art for the team manager and the tools but decided to go with grey trousers and yellow tops for the mechanics with the driver in a washed out blue, it was just by chance that it works well with the Newman Porsche in fact the figures cloths look very 80's indeed.
And once again thanks for your comment's.



Super nice Porsche. I just got the earlier Rothmans version and I'm surprised to see myself how cool these things are.



I always liked the idea of having a Porsche RM but there was no where flat and smooth enough to race one when I was a teen, we had car parks but loose stones and chippings every where so not suitable, so we always had off roaders. Thanks for the comment mongoose.......

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