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Date: 4-Dec-2015
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I thought I'd share a little discovery I've made since I've been working on my current re-re Kyosho Tomahawk project. It started off as a new built Scorpion I got from Rallyebaz at Septembers DT02 meeting (thanks Barry) but I've always fancied a Tomahawk so over time I've amassed the parts needed to convert it.

I quite liked the idea of UJ's on my Tomahawk but was put off by their price and the fact that they're also not really needed; however I want to use modern 2.2 wheels/tyres on it so did I bit of research and thinking. The result of which you can see in the photos below. The drive shafts are by 3Racing and are designed for their range of drift cars, they have a wide range of articulation (80 deg) and their length is adjustable. Hooray! A pair of drive shafts cost me £8.00 delivered from China and they also came with a pair of bearings, the 5x10x4 bearings supplied are too thick to fit in the Scorpion suspension arms but are widely used on other cars. The length of the drive shafts are adjusted by simply loosening a grub screw and pulling one end to the desired length.

The drive shafts are a good fit but you will have to replace the kit bearings in the rear arms with 1mm thinner ones (5x10x3). I bought mine from RC Bearings and they cost me £5 delivered - so for £13 I've got a set of drive shafts that will now allow me to fit a hex wheel adaptors and modern wheels on the rear. Next job is to see what can be done on the front.

I've left one side kit standard in the last 2 photos for reference.

I haven't run it like this yet but I can't see any problems with this setup

Link to driveshafts below:




A++ thanks for the tip on this, I just purchased a re-re Scorpion 2 weeks ago and was just thinking about options like this.



Do you have a link for the UJs?



Ooh, excellent tip!



Thanks for the comments guys.
Kontemax - link added and they're on sale!

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