Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: New built
Date: 24-Dec-2015
Comments: 3
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The fantastic lunchbox doge van, I clearly remember having my lunchbox back in 1987. At the time I had a Saturday day job at my local model shop I saved up and bought the lunch box and my boss gave me a free hump back battery for Christmas, I took my servos out of my wild willy so it was a low budget rc car. Back then when it came out I loved the artwork on the box and so wanted one. My best friend had the Blackfoot and his brother had the monster Beatle, so that Christmas we all had monster trucks and use to meet up and race in the car park...... Man these days were just the best.
The unpainted one is all original with monster Beatle shock upgrades the electronics are in superb condition and has a original body set with the decals still on the sheet. The painted one is a rerelease chassis with original body in mint condition this one is for my my girlfriends boy this Christmas so adult supervision and open spaces lol.
The best looking monster truck from Tamiya and holds lots of fun memories for me.......




Great story, thanks for sharing. Oh, and the Lunchboxes are MEGA!!



Very nice! I always liked the Lunch Box



Thanks guys just to give you an update the boy loved the lunch box and we both flipped it a few times in the car park lol, but it was worth it brought back some fond memories for me.

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