Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: New built
Date: 30-Dec-2015
Comments: 2
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This is another one of my classics, OK it's not a edinger from 1984 and yes I almost purchased a early model but was let down badly by a seller in the USA, but hay ho it wasn't to be so that one is on my list and I will be a edinger owner one day. But I do own a Cadillac team championship zebra addition from 1990 in unused show room condition with period airtronics radio and set up. Now we all know the legend that is Roger Curtis and how his design changed the whole concept of racing and this car destroyed all contenders from all country's for years, nothing could come near including 4x4 it chewed them up and spat them out. I believe if you love rc cars from the 1980's then you must have a rc 10 gold pan in your collection it is the most iconic of rc cars. This one came from the states and is a show room model fitted with ultra rare airtronics which is in mint condition. I am very proud of this model as it is a total design classic which was designed and built in the great USA and everything about it is what the states represent just pure muscle and plenty of gutts this car even now would kick ass on plenty of today's models, This is known as a zebra model so it was the earlier champions model where you can see it has black and white plastic parts it also has metal shock tops only found on the first bach released, and has the original foam rings on the steering assemble. Sorry for my indepth write up but its an rc 10 gold pan what more can you say........




Very Nice!!! I agree you must have a Gold Pan! I got a Kit #6010 A stamp that was lightly used, cleaned it up and I did a Re-Re box art body for it.



Thanks emspjay for the comment, Glad to here from another rc10 owner, I will look out for another early model with a box art body for display, but they are very hard to come across. I would purchase the rerelease if I found one at a sensible price...... Patience is the key word me thinks.......

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