Model: (Click to see more) 99947: Mugen
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Date: 1-Jan-2016
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I purchased this 1/8 Nitro Mugen SuperSport way back in March 2015. It originally came from Japan and I thought that it would be fairly easy to restore.....I was wrong!

Wind on the clock to today and she is finally sitting on 4 wheels. Mugen SS parts have been almost impossible to find so I have had to restore nearly every single part that I couldn't find. Scouring the internet, various contacts on here and Ebay I have slowly picked up original bits to move the restoration on. Mugen also decided to use non standard sizes so lots of modern 1/8 scale parts just wont fit. I did actually buy another scrap chassis just for one part!

The engine was restored from the original with new screws, bearings and gaskets after being deep cleaned and blasted. Original O.S 21RF-B engine parts are scarce but as always once the engine is done it needs a chassis to go in. The Swiss Mugen importer found me the limited edition numbered chassis plate and the original Mugen branded air filter. The original Mugen new old stock SS tyres have just arrived from Italy and today they have been mounted for the first time.

It's still not finished as I have parts to find, mainly the roll bar system, RX cover and a rear wing. The car also has an original Mugen exhaust to replace the OS one currently fitted on its way from Italy.

I would say about 90% done. I still hope to find original wheels and competition locking nuts along with the missing stabilizer parts.

1 Original Mugen air filter Competition Chassis Plate #0157 of ? As I found it. Mugen Exhaust soon to be fitted

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It^s a fixer upper




Lovely Job, Great work on s difficult subject.



Thanks, it's a difficult car to restore but not many about anymore so will be a good addition to the collection when finished.



Great job!






So is this the Sanada car? The work you've done has really paid off, looks fantastic



Yes, it looks a bit different know though as it has a different engine, chassis plate, wheels and odd parts on it to replicate the car Sanada used.


Great looking car! I´m restoring my old Mugen SS at the moment, and need to find a body for it to complete it. Know where to find one? The car is 100% complete apart from the body.

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