Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: Restored
Date: 1-Feb-2016
Comments: 5
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The Yankee Enduro 80 was the 2nd RC 1/8 RC buggy from french brand Yankee. Restoration started from a good used example which underwent elaborate treatment. The custom made wheels are outlined after the classic Wolfrace design and are made from aluminium with gold anodizing. Even the tires front and rear are limited production based on the design of the original foam tires. The golden chassis plate is also a limited reissue based on the original chassis plate. A factory specialized in aluminium parts production helped out. Several of the worn out original aluminium parts were made new through CNC machining. And many of the metal/steel parts are chromed to complete the show condition. The ABS body was stripped and repaired and got several coats of Red paint. Decals/Livery is inspired by 60s Ferrari Formula race cars. The engine is classic OS Max 21 and was mounted 90 degrees on this type of buggy.

How it came How it came




Very very nice. Well done



Super cool resto !!!!

Crash Cramer


WOWEE, that thing looks wild. Talk about rubber band drive!!! I think this is surely a shiny gem and those rear foams remind me of the alternate foam SRB tires that Tamiya sold in a box that you had to glue up yourself and change out axles on your SRB.
I can also make out that Robbe Economic radio gear, very cool. I imagine you have the Transmitter already, but if you would like another one, I have one here on 27Mhz that needs a home, only the TX is here with me.



That is one of the coolest buggies I've seen. Great job! Must have been hard to find parts if you had to fabricate them from scratch.



Nice find, looks brand new!

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