Model: (Click to see more) 84071: Jeep Wrangler
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Feb-2016
Comments: 3
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Got this chassis from a facebook group sale for 45 quid, No idea what it was originally but its now got a new bright body on which I had sourced ages ago for my daughter had it over a year now. (painted by my, at the time 5 year old daughter) loads of LED's (12) so she can light up the way when we go out with the cars, This is my 3rd cc-01 I love these I have the CRV my son his Jurassic Park Jeep, and This is for my daughter, Need to sort a slower motor and some better radio gear but it now runs....

Got some parts from ChrisRx718 who asked for mounting pictures, (the front mount is just 3 pieces of Styrene sheet it holds in place fine.

Thanks again to the great people who inspire share and help on here,




Wow, nice work and a great scale rig for your daughter. She's a lucky girl!

Crash Cramer


Man that looks like fun and probably about 30 times better than the New Bright that donated the body, well done job.



Thanks guys it's been fun to make its quite garish but in a subtle way. She is happy with it. Will get some outdoor pics soon.

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